Dear Everyone,

Everyone experiences hardships in their life, but it is up to each individual to use those hardships for the better or to let those hardships define who they are.

That is something that we each struggle with. It is not easy to look at the good that can come from the bad. It’s not easy to look at the positive in the hard situations. But each and every one of us has to remember to do just that. Try to look for the good, try to grow, try to learn from the hardships that you face. I know that that is a struggle because I too struggle with this, I have struggled with this all of my life. It’s not easy to see the good that could come from a death, depression, or any other hardship that you may be faced with. I just want each and every person out there to remember just that. Never give up. This world is worth going through the tough times. It might not be right now, but someday it will be. Just don’t give up.

I hope that this blog helps you to see that going through the tuff stuff is worth it in the end. I hope that you get a chance to relate and feel in a way that you haven’t before. I hope that you want to be forever seeking rainbows.